Doctoral courses in Literature 2014

The following PhD courses for candidates in English literature are planned for 2014. Professor Heidi Hanson (Umeå) is co-ordinating courses in Literature.

In March 2014 participants are invited to Uppsala University for a two day intensive seminar on methods in literary studies (3 HP). The focus for the seminar is ‘Material Methods’. Information from Danuta Fjellestad, Engelska institutionen.

In September 2014 (week 22) participants are invited to Lund University for an intensive lecture and seminar week focussing on the long Eighteenth century (7,5 HP).

In December 2014 participants are invited to Karlstad University for an intensive three-day lecture/seminar course in Renaissance Literature. Information from Åke Bergvall.

A further course is to be arranged at Stockholm University on 20th-century World Literature in English/20th-century Literatures in English; information to follow.

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