Here you can find information about the broad variety of teaching and research in English linguistics and literary studies in English carried out by SWESSE members at universities and colleges across Sweden.

Dalarna Högskolan

Göteborg Universitet

Halmstad Högskolan

Karlstad Universitet

Research in English Literature at Karlstad University is wide-ranging in both geography and time periods, with a special emphasis on the Renaissance and on 19th and 20th century American literature. We are active within KuFo (“Den kulturvetenskapliga forskningsgruppen”), which also includes Karlstad researchers from Comparative Literature, Film Studies, and Art History. Current staff in English literature include Åke Bergvall, Maria Holmgren Troy, Anna Swärdh, Magnus Ullén, and Johan Wijkmark.

Linköping Universitet

Linnaeus Universitet

Lulea Tekniska Universitet

Lund Universitet

At Lund, research on literature in English includes all epochs from the Middle Ages onwards, with a current emphasis on Renaissance drama, 19th-century fiction and Modernism in poetry and prose. The various approaches adopted by Lund scholars include historical/cultural contextualization, narratology and adaptation/translation studies. Respect for the integrity of the individual literary work and close attention to the text feature in all Lund scholarship, regardless of methodological orientation. Recent high-profile publications from Lund include books on the Brontës and a study of settings in contemporary fantasy literature. Current staff include Birgitta Berglund, Sara Håkansson, Kiki Lindell, Lennart Nyberg, Marianne Thormählen and Cecilia Wadsö-Lecaros.

Malmö Universitet


In research within English at Mid-Sweden University, there is a focus on English (historical) linguistics and English language didactics within the framework of corpus linguistics. Current staff members within English linguistics are Terry Walker, Rachel Allan, and Irina Frisk. Research within English literature focuses on American studies, especially ecocritical studies, and Life Story Writing. Current members of staff are Martin Shaw and Nicholas SheppardMichaela Castellanos is pursuing her doctoral studies in English literature. We are currently recruiting both a lecturer and a professor in English literature. We offer undergraduate studies (A-C) as campus and net-based courses, a net-based MA programme, and a doctoral programme. We are involved in a range of teacher education programmes including ‘campus-distance’ courses (F-3 and 4-6) and a campus-based upper-secondary programme. We also have a range of online courses in Business English and teacher education (‘Lärarlyftet’ and ‘KPU’).

Skövde Högskolan

Stockholm Universitet

Research in English literature at Stockholm University is defined in relation to a number of theoretical and scholarly fields, notably poststructuralism, postcolonialism, world literature studies and materialist sociology. Emphasis is placed on modern and contemporary literature, but research is also done on includes also early modern writing. Of essence for the Stockholm department is not only to regard literature in English as a global phenomenon, but also to approach it transnationally and comparatively, within and beyond English-speaking communities. As a globally dominant language, English interfaces with numerous other languages across the world, and literature provides one privileged means of access to its inherent multilingualism and multiculturalism. Current research in the department includes Caribbean and African literature, the “end” of the contemporary novel, human/animal boundaries, documentary modernism, the conditions of possibility for cultural critique, and citizenship in diasporic narrative. Staff currently include: Frida Beckman, Claudia Egerer, Bo G Ekelund, Stefan Helgesson, Irina Rasmussen Goloubeva, Adnan Mahmutovic, Paul Schreiber, Pieter Vermeulen, Joakim Wrethed

Södertörn Högskola

At Södertörn University, research comprises both linguistic and literary disciplines as well as culture studies, with an emphasis on sociolinguistics, pragmatics and discourse and conversation analysis as well as post-colonial literature, multiculturalism and ethnicity. On the linguistic side, our research focuses on English in Sweden, institutional and interpersonal discourse, religious discourse, computer-mediated communication, children’s literature and media language. On the literary side, our research focuses on memoirs, autobiographies, spiritualism, religion and community. Södertörn University’s English department furthermore offers courses on all levels of the Teacher Education program, and thus our research profile also includes subject didactics, including classroom discourse and academic writing.

Current staff include Kristy Beers Fägersten, Martin Dvorák, Sheila Ghose, Liz Kella, Kerstin Shands, and Harriet Sharp.

Umeå Universitet

Uppsala Universitet

Teaching and research in American Literature and Culture takes place in close collaboration with the Swedish Institute for North American Studies (SINAS) and takes advantage of three factors that make American Studies at Uppsala University unique in Sweden: the professorial chair in American literature and accompanying Ph.D. program in American Literature, the Distinguished Fulbright Chair in American Studies, and the existence of SINAS. Current research focuses predominantly on the period since the mid-19th century and gravitates toward two main areas, transnational studies, focusing on the circulation of literature, media, and people across national boundaries, and visual culture studies, centering on visual practices in American literature and culture, particularly on configurations of word-image in contemporary multimodal novels, and cultural practices such as film and TV series.

Current staff include Danuta Fjellestad, Dag Blanck, Michael Boyden, and David Watson; there are currently nine doctoral students in American Literature and Culture. The distinguished Fulbright chair for 2014 is Professor Steven Schier (Carelton College, Northfield, Minnesota, US).

English language research at the department focuses on the empirical study of past and present variation and development in the language. Among the areas covered are: socially determined variation, genre variation, multi-feature/multi-dimensional approaches, historical pragmatics, text editing, and English as a foreign language. We both exploit extant language corpora using modern corpus-linguistic techniques and produce new multi-genre and specialised language corpora of past and present English that are offered for international distribution. When compiling new language corpora, we introduce new perspectives on the study of linguistic phenomena.

Current staff include Merja Kytö, Erik Smitterberg, Christer Geisler, Christine Johannson, Angela Hoffman, Gregory Garretson and Pia Norrell.

Högskolan Väst

Örebro Universitet