ESSE 2018 deadline extended

For those of you planning to attend the ESSE conference in Brno this year, please note that the deadline for the submission of seminar papers has been extended to 16 February 2018. The deadline for the submission of posters is extended to 26 February 2018. For details, please visit the conference website.

Celebrating 20 years of EJES

A new special issue of EJES celebrates twenty year of scholarship in English studies from across Europe.

The European Journal of English Studies, the academic journal of the European Society for the Study of English showcases cutting-edge work on Anglophone language, literature and other cultural forms produced in Europe, but open to like-minded contributions from outside the European space. EJES (pronounced ‘edges’) aims most of all to be a space where the various disciplines that make up (and unmake) ‘English Studies’ speak to each other, and where researchers from different cultural contexts and academic traditions come together and collaborate.